Sunday, 31 May 2015

Muderellas Get Muddy at Clapham Common

Weather forecast says rain all day, stupid thing is I will need to go to the allotment to water what's in the green house and little house extension.

Update - I waited until the girls went for their Muderellas Get Muddy at Clapham Common for Cancer then popped down, watered what needed it and filled Delak 4 with the flowers they sent my Daughter from her last Job to her new Job. They took her on full time and now three week in they have called them to a meeting to inform them they are moving that particular office to Wales, but she could relocate.!!

Left to right Kelly Emma and my niece Kristy
A few more clips on the grapes vines, the two vines that were reaching out for each other are now touching, I will get a photo next visit.

Potted up the tomatoes as they were quite frankly in desperate need, and edged pots with coffee grounds to ward off slugs and snails. Started cutting comfrey as the heavens opened and I came home, but it was a productive hour. 

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