Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sieving Compost & Transplanting Tomatoes,

Spent all day sieving compost and transplanting tomatoes, and I now have 75 of them sitting in vending machine cups in 5 trays. There are still a few small toms in the indoor mini greenhouse behind the kitchen patio door. I also transplanted 30 Red Baron Onions from the seedling modules 15 into a tray module and 15 into vending machine cups.

Sorted out the greenhouse and the rest of the tray as my next 20 new ones arrived so now all my trays at home are matching and fit into each other. Half as gravel trays and half have holes, makes watering much easier as I fill the gravel tray with water so that there is 5mm of water in the bottom that gets sucked up by the compost in the vending machine cups.

Loaded the car with the sealant weld pea frame and the large compost and lumps from all the sieving and thay will go into the dalek's on the allotment to continue breaking down. Totally knackered by 6:00 when I finally got everything packed away.

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