Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Star Wars Day 2015

Cut the grass in the back garden and produced another sack of cuttings for Dalek 1. I patched up in front of the BBQ again with grass seed and this time covered with sieved compost and a dressing of cut grass to try and camouflage what I had done from the pigeons that appear to have developed a grass seed radar.

I have also take a garden fork to the lawn to try and aerate it a little.

A trip to B&Q to pick up more compost for home, 3x 50L sacks for £10 as easier to carry and store than the large 125L for just under £7. It's a much better quality than the larger sack I bought a few weeks ago.

I have sieved a flower bucket full ready for more sowing French and Runner Beans when I get a chance this week.

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