Monday, 11 May 2015

Cherry tree has cherries on it!

Moved all the potatoes along the boundary with plot 1

Cherry tree has cherries on it!

Finally cut up the last two lengths of timber joist and painted. Erected the timbers in Bed 1. placed the carpet in the enclosed secure area where the wall that's falling over is likely to land. Moved the hose and found that the birds have been at it and it sprays out. So a repair job and extension is now in order as it no longer cuts across the secured area and needs extending anyway.
Drilled more plastic lateral braces for the hoop frame over the cabbages that have been planted In Bed 1.

Brother in law has given me some 4 sprouts, 3 marrows and a butter nut squash plant he is not going to use.

So busy I didn't even get time to take any photographs, could not use the hose so I had to use the greenhouse water butt and the watering can.   

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