Thursday, 26 March 2015

Coco Peat and Germination

Hydrated four blocks of Coir or Coco Peat in the square Flower buckets, they are ideal for the job as I can use hot water to hydrate at home then take to the allotment. I'm thinking I may need some more blocks the way I'm using them up, but they are a great addition to the structure of the new raised beds.

I have 2 from 8 Cucumbers - Marketmore seedling showing
          1 from 8 Poached Egg Plants
         13 from 8 Celery Giant Pascal but they are really leggy (or should they be like that ?)
          4 from 5 Cucumber - Burpless just breaking soil (6 Days from sowing)
          1 from 3 Cucumber - Cucina just breaking the soil (6 Days from sowing)
          6 from 8 Brussels Sprouts - Revenge F1 Hybrid (6 Days from Sowing)
          2 from 8 Brussels Sprouts - All Year Round (6 Days from Sowing)

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