Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Timber Work & Drowning Weeds

"Are you going to the allotment" says wife, I had been thinking not but as if a sign from the great white spirit, the sun came out... I looked at the garden and though about it and replied "it sounds like and idea" lets face it I was awake between 1:30 - 3:00 this morning and did some work to try and make me sleepy. It worked I laid in past my 6:00 body clock waking up around 7:00 ish.

So wife dropped off at her sisters and on to the allotment with the mission to get the twin timbers apart cut them to 1.2m lengths and paint the ends. Happy to report mission accomplished. In the 45 minutes before I had to come home all the weed have been removed for the strawberry bed. They are in a bucket and I have drowned the little blighters and they are behind glass frames leaning against the wall by the leaf bins, turning into plant food.

Let them cook in the sun (when it comes back) as just before I left the site there was a cloudy black sky and hail stones!

I love being the only person down on the allotment and beautiful the robin keeps me company and keeps an eye on me. 

My sister is around for an evening meal tonight so I'm picking her up from behind the coffee shop and also picking up yet another sack of coffee grounds for the allotment :) Deep Joy!

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