Saturday, 28 March 2015

Space Saver Greenhouse update

I must get the first tray of lettuce in the pots on the paths this weekend and sow another tray load
Cabbages are doing well in their transplanted vending machine cups.

The onions sow Late Jan/ early Feb don't look happy, should I be potting them on into vending machine cups I wonder?
Not all the Beetroot are showing yet but I'm hoping for a few more to germinate. These were sown on the 5th March so 22 days Germination is 14 - 21 days so if nothing pops in the next couple I will re sow in the empty cups. Those that have germinated need to go down to the allotment greenhouse and then I can start another tray off here at home.

No sign of any Parsnips yet at all  :( - perhaps I should try chitting some?

Spring Onions are starting to show  :) they were sown on the 9th and 10th March

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