Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Coffee Grounds & Wireless Temperature Gauge

The sun is shining and the wife needed to be dropped off to her sister and I have so many coffee grounds in the back of the car I'm very alert and awake thus I decided to goof off for just over 2 hours to the allotment.

Coffee Grounds have replaced the sand in the metal/ tin trays in the greenhouse and the aroma of the grounds drying in the sunshine is great. Dalek Bins 2,3 & 4 all had holes bored in the compost and were filled with coffee grounds and watered to once again start the internal heat up. The red wrigglers love it and as for the slugs they really can not handle coffee grounds, they are either dead or stunned.

To empty the shed a little I put together to framework for a large cloche I bought from Argos in the sale last year not realising its actually bed size 2.4m x 1.2m and managed to knock my little finger which is now black and blue and twice the size of the one on the other hand. The frame is really badly made but nothing some gaffer tape will not solve.

A tray of Ishikura Spring Onions have been sown. The wireless temperature gauge in the greenhouse is amazing, well worth £9.99. I can keep an eye on the temperature by monitoring the readout on the display above my computer, as I type the temperature has dropped from 20 degrees to 16.3C so I'm off for a walk up the garden to close the door.

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