Sunday, 15 March 2015

Frozen on Mothers Day

It looked like no visit this morning and the girls did a full English brunch for my wife as it's Mothers day and it would be impolite not to stay. Then some time after brunch about 10 ish, it stopped raining so I went down to drop off all the stuff from yesterday. Most of the composting browns have gone into the dustbin I'm using for brown storage until I need them.

I put another layer of flowers that have made room for the mothers days flowers in dalek 4 and a layer of leafs and coffee ground and watered each stage. The drying coffee in the metal tray isn't quite cooked yet, and the greenhouse smells wonderful. So I emptied the sack into two flower buckets and put in the grow house in the greenhouse.

Delivered bags of slug traps to John who was down painting the fence in front of his greenhouse. and placed a small pallet in between the tomato blow away and the recycle bin and stacked all the bamboo that was in the grow house in there otherwise they will dry out and get brittle and I shall need the space soon.

More tidying and sorting out and then it started to spit with rain about 12:30 so I made my way home via the Co Op and managed to acquire another 15 flower buckets as it's Mothers day they had shed loads

The girls were watching Frozen again  :nowink: and yes we did the singalong after sound like four cats in pain.

Much colder than it has been all week it's only 7.2 degrees C in the greenhouse @2:00pm with the door shut all morning and I have been having to open the door all week to keep it around 20- 25 degrees C

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