Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Whilst the wifes away the husband will play

The weather was supposed to be overcast, well it was up until about half an hour before I came home from the allotment. Yep, whilst the wife's away the husband will go down the allotment for about 3 hours and play.. normally with the mud but this time it was more DIY ish.

Drill new holes and place new brackets on the runner bean wall, replace bamboo and strengthen the minty frame, making adjustments.

I cleaned up the shed so that all seeds and drinks etc. are now in the nice mini tin shed and are mouse proof. I also sorted and filled the metal gardening tool box I got for my birthday. I found the brassica collars I bought last year and I've put them with Umm the ones I bought this year.   

Cut more timber for the beds thus reducing the pile on the path and painted the cut ends with preservative, so all the timber for beds 13 & 14 and the long ones for bed 12 are now good to go in. A future visit I will work on the twin timbers, hopefully getting them apart and cut them down to 1.2m. Then I have the timber ready for bed 12.

That only leaves cutting the last two long timbers down, paint the cut ends and I will have timbers for bed 1.

Being self employed and having the flexibility to do this kind of thing is great, I don't want to be mega rich so someone else can spend my money after I have gone, as long as I make enough to pay the bills, I'm happy. At 57 its now about quality of life and happiness and playing at the allotment make me happy.

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