Monday, 9 March 2015

Time flys when your having fun!

Up really early, so celebrated by sowing a tray of spring Onions half a tray of `Furio' The Red Salad Onion and the other half Long Red Florence, in vending machine cups in a full tray 15 module.  I have now sorted all the packs of Spring Onions by type and used by year.

Dropped off Jen to her sister then on to the allotment and laid greens and browns in Dalek 4. Mixed up daleks 2 & 3 and transplanted some red wigglers into dalek 4. made 3 more soft bricks, burnt the contents of the incinerator and filled again with tree cuttings. Humped the 65L sack of compost to the allotment from the car park in the wheel barrow, those sacks are difficult to lift. Before I knew it 2 and a half hours of fun were over and I had to go home and get on with some work. 

A tray of Ishikura Spring Onions to be sown tomorrow. My sister rang and she has acquired another sack of coffee grounds so I went to pick her and them up from the coffee shop. Umm that means I need to visit the allotment again tomorrow to drop them off if it isn't raining.

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