Saturday, 21 March 2015

All that packaging for 4 seeds !

Another sowing spree this morning filling the gap behind the patio door

8 x Brussel Sprouts – All year Round
8 x Brussel Sprouts – Revenge F1 Hybrid
5 x Cucumber – Burpless
3 x Cucumber – Cucina F1 Hybrid

Now looking for something else to fill the 8 x 20mm x 20mm x 30mm deep module seed tray

I’m wondering if the name “Revenge” suggests strong taste or do they give you wind?

What I can’t believe is the size of the packet for the Cucino Fi Hybrid Cucumbers. Average of 4 seeds when I opened the pack there were actually 5 Whoopppwdo  so I sowed 3 and have saved 2 for an additional sowing this year if needed.

The wife does not understand why I have so many cucumbers and why have I got miniature white ones and Achocha Fat Baby as all she wants is a long non prickly green cucumber?. I tried to explain, looked at her face and then decided I was flogging a dead horse. If you'’re not into gardening and the allotment I guess you just don’'t get it.

She did save me seeds from a shop bought cucumber last year and I may just give them a go but I’m guessing

A)   They will be an F1 and will not be true
B)   That they will need to be grown in the greenhouse

Anyone out there ever tried growing from seeds from a shop bought cucumber?

A 40 module tray of PeaWee65 Peas sown

8 Greyhound Cabbages extracted from the seedling modules using the extraction too I made a little while ago. It works a treat lifting up the plant plug so that I can transplant them into vending machine plastic cups to get larger before they go out

The temperature has really dropped it's only 11.5 degrees in the greenhouse, good job the cabbages don't mind low temperatures. Off with the girls for a meal before they take Jen to see Calamity Jane at Wimbledon, as a belated Mothers day present and I get to play Bowie at home without any moaning  ::) 

I feel like I should be sowing much more and that I'm going to forget something  :wacko:

Pictures below

The Jig at Work zoom in and see the nice root system

Transplanting into Vending Machine Cups

First 3 transplants 2 watered one about to be 

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