Friday, 17 September 2021

Tomato Crimson Plum F1

I have to agree with the Dobie web site, in that the new member of the Crimson family Crimson Plum F1 launched this year is delicious and I have to say when all the tomatoes out on plots on our little allotment site turned their toes up at the beginning of last month due to blight, the Crimson Plum F1 just kept growing and so far has not shown any indication of blight.  I've had a few harvests of red tomatoes from it in the last couple of weeks. 

I did have to remove the Crimson Crush and the new Crimson Cherry because of Blight out on the plot. I still have all three however in my plot 1 greenhouse in Quadgrows. 

Note to self Take the photo before harvesting all the red tomatoes next time!

This remarkable fruit is ideal for pots, baskets or any containers, reaching heights of 150-200cm (59-79"); spread 40-50cm (16-20"). On my plot I only had 1.2m bamboo but have bought some longer poles for next year as I will be growing these outside again. In fact they have done better outside on the plot than they have in the greenhouse so far. 

The Crimson Plum will harvest from July through to October, a 'Roma' style plum with a rich, deep flavour. It has solid, meaty flesh with few seeds and is good for cooking and using in sauces, but with tomatoes at a shortage this year because of the blight on the allotment and home I have been eating these with my lunch for the last week. 

Dobies - Tomato Crimson Plum F1 -  Code 435194 - 10 Seeds - £3.99 

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