Friday 3 September 2021

Dobies New Varieties for 2022

Dobies have 28 new vegetable seed varieties for 2022 and here are those 14 that I’m going to have a bash at growing next year:-

Broccoli (Sprouting) Santee F1

Broccoli (Stem) Hiraia F1

Cabbage (Red) Romanov F1

Carrot Ibiza F1

Carrot Mercurio F1

Courgette British Summertime F1

Cucumber Hopeline F1

Onions (Spring) Lilia 

Radish Felicia

Swede Gowrie

Tomato Honeycomb F1

Tomato Y Ddraig Goch F1 (Red Dragon F1)

Rob Smith Range

Cauliflower Andromeda F1

Onion (Salad/Bulb) White Star

I need to add these to my Seed Box list for 2022 and I will be explaining what made me want to trial them when I do.   

Click Here to see all the New Varieties of Vegetables for 2022 on the Dobies web site 

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