Sunday, 19 September 2021

Sunday Visit To The Plot

Last visit was Friday to water the tomatoes in the Plot 1 Greenhouse. Today I topped up the Smart Reservoirs again and trimmed more foliage off the tomatoes back and harvested a number of red tomatoes from the greenhouse.  

So many cucumbers this year, I again have given a number away to one of my fellow plot holders and she has given me dwarf beans as a glut exchange! 

There are many cucumbers that are over ripe, and going yellow and they have gone too my daughters
nursery that have two pet guinea pigs named Blossom & Honey, as it's one of the vegetables they love to munch on they eat the skin, flesh and seeds. 

Two large plastic trugs of grass one from my sister and the other from my back garden cut yesterday were taken to the allotment and added with layers of cut cardboard to two Daleks, filling one up again and half filling another.  The Comfrey bed had once again grown other the access path to the plot 1A shed and greenhouse and I cut tat back and added layers into both of the active bins and also into one of the inactive bins that the level of compost has dropped considerably over last couple of months. 

I also started trimming back the invasive brambles that have strung up around the apple tree on plot 1 and harvested all the decent apples and those from plot 1A for my daughter Emma to collect on her way home from looking after Jenny (my wife).

She topped herself up with onions from my drying racks and also harvested enough raspberries for her and Andy plus a deep Chinese takeaway container for my wife and I.

I spent some time pulling mares tail out of the woodchip paths, and trimming off the Rhubarb that has gone to seed before it was time to go home for my Sunday roast dinner.

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