Wednesday 15 September 2021

In My Seed Box For 2022 - Beans


Since 2013 I have grown a number of types & varieties of Beans, but this is what I have in my seed box for 2022

Self Saved & Seed Circle - Bean Seeds last 5-8 years with good storage 

Blue Beans
Cara La Virgen de la Baneza Leon (Climbing French Bean)

Cherokee Trail of Tears (Climbing French Bean)
Crimson Flowered (Broad Bean)
Kew Blue
Major Cook's (Climbing French Bean)
Nun's Belly Button (Bush Bean)
Ryder's Blue CoCo (Climbing French Bean)
Scarlet Emperor (Runner Bean)
Vermont Cranberry (Bush Bean)

Review Of Seed Stocks in Packets

Scarlet (Runner Bean)                 - 50 Seeds - Free with GYO Mag - Mr Fothergill's
Stardust (Runner Bean)               - 45 Seeds - Free Trial - Marshalls - Sow By 9/2020
Best Of All (Runner Bean)            - 45 Seeds - £2.99 - Suttons - Packed year ending 2020

Growing Selection for 2022

My annual runner is normally Scarlet Emperor as they normally provide a good yield and a single panel in the wall at Mill Green Allotment provides me with ample runners for my needs but also for passing on to my sister, eldest daughter and our neighbour.

In 2018 I trialled Marshalls new Runner bean Stardust. Due to my leg injury in 2019 I never actually started off any Runner beans, however nature being nature and the fact that I didn't get around to clearing the bean bed beans self seeded and I ended up with a small crop anyway

Now I have additional beds in on Plot 1 in 2022 I will try some of the French climbing beans as well as Nun's Belly Button,  Vermont Cranberry & Pickwick on the French or Bush Bean front.

New in 2021
 French Bean (Climbing) Lazy Housewife - 50 seeds - An exciting and well named introduction to the range! Originally introduced in 1885 Lazy Housewife is a delicious heritage climbing bean variety that has outstanding flavour. Introduced as the first bean that didn’t require destringing, this variety was quick to be given the name ‘Lazy Housewife’. The young stringless pods can be cooked whole, requiring little or no effort in preparation, or delicious shelled beans can be dried and stored when mature. Young pods have a delicious buttery taste whilst the dried beans have a creamier and heavier flavour.

Suttons - Best Of All Runner Beans - Approx. 45 Seeds - £2.99

Heavy crop of medium length pods in large clusters. Can be picked over a long season.

Sow in April under glass or cloches, or outdoors in May and June. Prolific, decorative plants thriving in well cultivated soils containing plenty of humus. Regular watering in dry periods will be amply rewarded by a heavy crop of delicious, tender young beans for table and freezing. (12-16 weeks maturity.) Packet sufficient for a double row of approximately 4.5m (15').

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