Sunday, 5 September 2021

Sunday Harvesting


Daughters on Mum watching allowing me to get down to the allotment early at around 8am. I watered the tomatoes and trimmed up the foliage again and then it was time to start harvesting the potatoes in buckets. 

New! Home Guard - First Early - Dobies 

Second New! Home Guard - First Early - Dobies after a rinse off weigh in at 860g from the 30 litre flower bucket

Third New! McCain Shepody - Early Main Crop - Dobies largest spud 150g total harvest from the bucket 896g

Forth bucket 
New! McCain Shepody - Early Main Crop - Dobies total harvest from the bucket 520g

Fifth Bucket 
New! McCain Shepody - Early Main Crop - Dobies largest spud 230g total harvest from the bucket 1020g

Sixth bucket New! Stemster - Main Crop - Do

Sixth bucket New! Stemster - Main Crop - Dobies largest spud 255g total harvest from the bucket 2255g

Stemster weigh in 

Seventh Bucket of the day New! Home Guard - First Early - Dobies total harvest from the bucket 

Harvest for the Day included:- 


Home Guard Potatoes

Stemster Potatoes 

Stepody Potatoes 



Tomatoes from the Crimson Plum that is still holding on out on the plot and a selection of tomatoes from inside the greenhouse on Plot 1 

White and Red Onions from the drying racks.

Raspberries were watered with the sprinkler and then the beetroots were watered after I had harvest them and the apples up on plot 1A

All the spent compost is back in the buckets ready to spread onto one of the new plot one beds as soil conditioner. There are still six large buckets of Potatoes and a beds worth of potatoes yet to harvest. I think I know what I will be doing next weekend on my visit to the plot, and it may have something to do with potatoes!

There has not been and looks to be little time for more weed control during the next couple of weeks. 

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