Tuesday 21 September 2021

Weeding Team


This afternoon between 3:30 and 5:30pm I had the help of Emma and Andy as we attacked all the bindweed that has been invading the grapes, raspberries apple trees and bean frame along the wall. 

As mentioned before the wood chip on plot 1A has degraded to the point where it is supporting weeds and needs weeding, lifting to be used as brown in the Daleks and replaced with a nice thick layer of woodchips which have been delivered and are currently sitting in the corner of drop off and pick up area  (aka the car park).

I had time to harvest a bucket of D.T.Browns - Sarpo Kifli potatoes for Emma & Andy to take home with them. 

A massive 1.575 kg from four seed potatoes  

We also harvested more Raspberries also from D.T.Brown and split them between the two households. 

Another load of apples were harvested which means when we go to Emma and Andy's for an evening meal during the week we will be having apple crumble and custard.  No wonder I love my allotment!

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