Friday 24 September 2021

Growing Bugs Bunny Carrots


For some time I have wanted to grow some long exhibition type Bugs Bunny carrots. In 2022 I'm going to have a bash by using one of the large water butts I have that is cracked on the bottom and sawing the top off, then filling it with the sharp sand that I used in my milk bottle "soft bricks" that were used to hold down netting and planting/weed membrane that I replaced with paving blocks this year. Bore holes in the sand with a rainwater down pipe and fill the bores up with compost and sowing 3-4 seeds per bore then thinning to healthiest looking plant.

The Bugs Bunny type carrots that I'm going to grow both come from Dobies and are New Varieties for 2022 introducing:-

Dobies - Mercurio F1 - Code 43 39 81 -  300 Seeds - £2.99 non members  

Mercurio F1’ is the early harvesting carrot variety. It has good bolting resistance so it stands on the ground longer. Vigorous and upright habit, smooth skin and excellent colour. 

180-200 mm long roots, 30 - 50 mm wide, delicious raw or steamed.

Sow:      February to April
Harvest: Late June to September 

Dobies - Ibiza  - Code 43 39 21 -  400 Seeds - £2.99 non members  

Ibiza F1, offers the quality and taste of a Nantes, with the shape of an Imperator. Incredibly sweet, perfect for snacking, has better colour and taste than 'SugarSnax 54'.

300mm long, tapered, smooth roots with 30 - 40mm wide shoulders and very dark orange colour. Look great in raised beds and borders. 

Sow: March-June 18mm (3/4") deep in drills 230mm - 300mm apart. Thin seedlings when the first rough leaves appear. repeating as necessary until plants are 50mm - 75mm apart. Sow thinly to minimise thinning (which can attract Carrot Root Fly)

Harvest:  June-October.

There will be blog posts next year when I set up the cut down water butt and try growing these varieties and next June - October we will see the results. I may even try some successional sowings between February - June of both varieties so that I can extend the harvest period from June to October If I can find more water butts or make some small raised beds and have enough sand.  

I'm also thinking that I will try different composts in different bores to see which perform the best.    

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