Saturday, 25 April 2015

Coffee Grounds and Confrontation

Saturday 25th April 2015
A flying visit to the allotment to drop off the coffee which was making my car smell wonderful to me, and the 3 food buckets. Jen hates the smell of coffee  :nowink: - .

Decanted the coffee in trays in the greenhouse that was nice and dry and nearly filled the first bucket. Re charged all the drying trays as it was a really nice sunny day so that the next batch can be drying. I don't think any real allotment action is likely tomorrow as its forecast to be raining all day. Decanted another lot of wet coffee into another bucket and put the lid on hopefully this may prevent the coffee going green.

I've asked my friend who is in catering to save me more of the buckets, as I have 3 more very full sacks of coffee in the greenhouse to deal with. I may use Dalek One just to hold my supply of coffee grounds, I have numerous cat food zippy bags which will also be used to store dried coffee grounds.

I'm not going to say no to a constant supply of coffee grounds, and if I do get too much I can pass on the excess to my brother-in-law who is on plot 6. or the Bee lady from plot 5 that has already said she would take any excess I happen to acquire.

Unfortunately I said hello the gentleman (and I use the term loosely) who I had the confutation with a little while ago, who for some reason appears to believe I'm the devil because I'm the allotment rep and is telling people, like the bee lady that the removal of the vegetation was because I'm working with the council to get her thrown off the allotment all other manor of fiction about me. Following my "Hello Name" he started to rant and rave then offered to "take me outside the allotment" to fight him if I talked to him anymore!.

He obviously thinks allotments are a little like pubs  :nowink:

I tried to defuse the situation, bottom line no fisticuffs but he does not want me to talk to him any more, and I assume he will not be talking to me  :nowink:- So I just said "I'm Happy not to talk to you if that's what you want", which actually a really good result for me  :D as before this he used to make my ears bleed and would then move on to the next unfortunate person he saw on his way to his plot.

I'm sure this will not be the last of it, and he was much more angry than when we originally had words!, and has obviously been stewing on the matter, obviously no one has ever told him to shut up and let them get a word in edgewises. 

Home and working in the garden, mowed the grass / harvested more compost material a nice sack and a half and weeded plus I have sown new grass seed in the bald areas on the lawn which really never recovered from having the fence panels laid on the grass when they all fell over last year In the high winds.

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