Thursday, 16 April 2015

Thursday 16th April 2015

Busy with works and doing the admin, invoicing, scanning all receipts etc. so my accountant can do my quarterly update, and perhaps I may just be able to pay myself  :nowink:. In addition to having a lot on at the moment, has not left an awful lot of time for growing, planting etc. since Monday.

I have however managed to pick up a six sided blow-a-way frame with shelves off freecycle locally, which I can use to stack some of the tomatoes and carrots in flower buckets up above the carrot root fly max height. I have also over the last few days hydrated more co-co peat and made more pop bottle slug traps so all that lot has been dropped off to the Allotment this morning.

The office to residential conversion has finally horded off the parking bays so only parking is now in the access road to the skip yard and the new development site. Who ever the last plonker was on the allotment last night didn't lock the internal gate  >:( :, and I can guess who it was  :nowink:

I watered the strawberries, potatoes in the ground and the buckets and the two brassica beds that have been limed. The top layer of potatoes in the extension to the shed will need to be moved out when the ones below reach the shelf above.

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