Monday, 20 April 2015

Video Update 20th April 2015

Well here it is my second video and this time in landscape not portrait

Crazy busy with work this week, and I've had a few very late nights 12:00 and 10pn catching up and early Mornings 5am to get over for a full day of Schedules of Condition at Crouch End. I did manage a mid week watering visit on Wednesday

Why am I so busy with work when the weather is so good? the next bank holiday is on it's way and as usual the weather is on the turn to nasty and wet  >:(

Thursday 23rd April St Georges Day - I managed to acquire a roll of 15-20m by 900mm high chicken wire off freecycle which I will make a couple of anti fox hoop frames with

Friday 24th April 2015 - Telephone call from my sister, the guy from the coffee shop has another sack of coffee grounds for me, and a friend gave me some large food buckets with lids so I have something to put them in. Looks like I have a great deal of coffee to dry out.

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