Monday, 6 April 2015

Sowing Frenzy Sunday


16 x Red Robin Tomato’s ( my contribution to the seed circle this year)
  8 x 100’s & !000’s Tomato’s
  4 x Beefsteak Tomato’s
  4 x Cherry Cascade Tomato’s
  4 x Gardeners Delight Tomato’s
  4 x Gartenperle Tomato’s
  4 x Harbinger Tomato’s
  4 x Heartbreaker Tomato’s
  4 x Lizano Tomato’s
  4 x Money Maker Tomato’s
  4 x Plum Roma Tomato’s
  4 x Rainbow Blend Tomato’s
  4 x Sweet Mullion Tomato’s
  4 x Sweet’n’Neat Tomato’s
  4 x Terenzo F1 Hybrid Tomato’s
  4 x Tomatoberry Garden F1 Hybrid Tomato’s

24 x Little Gem Lettuces
100 ish of Marigolds 

Planted out the first tray of Tom Thumb Lettuce

Planted up
6 x Brussels Sprouts - Revenge F1 Hybrid from Module to Vending machine cups
2 x Brussels Sprouts - All Year Round from Module to Vending machine cups
      Alisa Craig Onions from module to Vending machine cups
      Cucumbers - Marketmore from module to Vending machine cups
      Cucumber - Cucina from pot to Vending machine cups
      Poached Egg Plants from module to Vending machine cups

Celery Giant Pascal way too leggy so will try again

Cleaned up the cold frames and brassicas and other potted up plants into blow a way cold frame at the end of the path. The slug traps are working around where the lettuce has been planted and more slug traps placed around the timber and upvc window cold frame.

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