Saturday, 4 April 2015

Short Fence Posts

Picked up 4 x125L Sacks of compost as B&Q are selling two for £10 and took them to the allotment and shipped them in the wheelbarrow from the entrance to the plot. Things like this are going to be nearly impossible when the development behind has happened. 

later in the evening I melted/ cut two additional sheets membrane and formed 18 holes 2 rows of 9 for the potatoes which hopefully I will be able to get in over the weekend weather permitting, and a s long as I'm not dragged out somewhere for Easter by the wife and kids.

I heard back from the Council yesterday that they think the fencing contractor did the best he could, We complained that the post were not as tall as the original and he was supposed to pull up the trod down and sagging fencing damaged by the fire brigade. He didn't even add a wire in the top holes to fix the top of the fence to enable that to happen. How on earth can you pull something up when there is nothing there to fix it too?. When I questioned their reply and asked them to look at the photo and confirm they really thought he had tried, I haven't had a reply.

The gate he fixed last year "I use the term loosely" is hanging off it's hinges again. he was supposed to see if there was a metal one in his yard that could be recycled, but that never happened. All the council say is they haven't got any money to install a new fence, and now they are saying they are not responsible for fencing only providing the allotment!

I really think I've had enough and I'm seriously thinking of putting a notice asking for a new site rep on the notice board, it's like flogging a dead horse trying to get anything done.   

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