Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cabbages and Timber Battens

Well as if by magic there were some little seedling heads just showing last night and this morning, I have cabbages 8 Greyhound and 3 Golden Acre ..... it gives one that nice warm feeling inside to see new seedlings

I'm starting these off in the only bit of indoors that she who must be obeyed will let me have, behind the Kitchen Patio Door!

Good news for my neighbour Sid and Me - He has his little job keeping a roofing firms yard clean and tidy back and I get the odd broken and 4 - 5ft lengths of batten that are not worth them keeping for the next job... Lets see does he burn them or donate them to my allotment ...  No brainer really  :nowink:

So I have 7 lengths cut to 1.25m to use as posts to support an ex dog cage for the peas to climb or

I can do the Katie Lavender and Leeks thing (but use pea netting not string) or

I can add a top and bottom member and make a frame to add pea netting or plastic mesh too

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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