Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bed 15A Dug and Framed

I love working for myself, I worked last night and early this morning so after dropping off my wife around her sisters I made my way to the allotment and two a quarter hours later Bed 15a is dug de-stoned and the edging is in. Plus the incinerator is primed again and a 1/3 full.

The sweet plastic containers with the melted holes in are Comfrey and Nettle tea bags for the two water butts.

So only bed 15b and then the edging and planting the trees and that's the whole plot finally done.

20 Litres of Coco Peat and two sacks of spent compost taken to the site along with flowers for the dalek.

Onion Update Tray 1 No new seedlings

Onion Update Tray 2

 9 from 18 –  50%  Germination - Globo the Giant Onion   (18-24 days) 
 3 from 12 –  25%  Germination - Santero F1                 
 7 from 12 –  58%  Germination - Bedfordshire Champion (18-24 days)
11 from 18 – 61%  Germination - Kamal F1
30 from 60 - 50% Average Germination rate

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