Monday, 9 February 2015

Paint the Little House on the Allotment

I popped down to the allotment to paint the ends of the cut timber with wood preservative. The sun came out and the temperature was 8.5 degrees and with no wind it was lovely. Once completed painting the ends of the timbers I noticed how weather beaten the shed was looking so I set about freshening it up, well on the front elevation

By the time I had given the shed and the little house on the prairie extension a coat of paint it was time to give the cut timber its’ second coat. There are Bluebells growing in the comfrey patch that I planted last year, but unlike at home no snowdrops or crocuses yet.

On returning home I looked at the onions that were sown on the 4th February and out of nowhere after 5 days there are seedlings!
Most packs say the germination period is 18- 24 days,  I can’t believe that 50% of the Kamal F1 have already

 2 from 18 – 11.11%  Germination - Globo the Giant Onion   (18-24 days) 
 2 from 12 – 16.67%  Germination - Santero F1                 
 5 from 12 – 41.67%  Germination - Bedfordshire Champion (18-24 days)
 9 from 18 –      50%  Germination - Kamal F1
18 from 60  -     30% Average Germination rate

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