Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cutting Timber and Making Soft Bricks

So sunny and warm today with temperatures in the greenhouse at the top end of the thermometer, perhaps the foil at the back of the greenhouse is a little too much? and according to the digital recording thermometer it was -0.5 degrees C last night. 

Work in the morning, then at 12 off to the Royal Brompton for the wives annual MOT and service. Glad to report that the old girl passed again and does not need any additional work  :nowink:

On returning home and as it had been so good and unlike the artic conditions yesterday, I popped down to the allotment to paint the ends of the cut timbers for Bed 15B. Bed 15A is holding water on the plastic and looks like a child's play pool. I measured the length 1.34m long by 1.2m wide internally so I will cut a sheet to fit it exactly 

I then made some more soft milk bottle bricks with the last of the dried sand from the greenhouse, by which time it was time for another coat of paint and then home as the light was going and the gnats were clearly visible

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