Sunday, 8 February 2015

Building Bases and Cutting Timber

Up early and down on the allotment for 8:30 and at around 9:30 the sun came out and it turned into a really nice morning and being busy I didn’t feel cold at all. Temperatures were at about 10-11 degrees which I really was not expecting.

I had taken some paper shreddings’ with me and set the timber in the incinerator alight, the wood was nice a dry and the flame coming out of the lid and looked just like a jet engine, very little smoke which is exactly what I wanted.

Built two netting hoop decking base frames and then set about dismantling what was my sisters’ car port roof, that had been blocking the main path and the path behind beds 15a & 15b since it was taken down and dropped off on the allotment.

I ended up cutting up five four metre length of roof joist and stacking them on top of the hoop frame bases to keep them apart and off the ground to dry out. On a following visit I will paint the cut ends with preservative before they make it into the ground to form semi raised beds. I'm really glad that I remembered the advice my grandfather gave my dad about rubbing a wax candle up and down the teeth and on either side of the blade, it made cutting the wood a easier than the last time I did it.

There are three 4m lengths on the path so with what's cut that's enough timber for 4 semi raised or timber edged beds.

There are some decent sized offcuts and I’m sure I will find a use for them somewhere, even if it’s just deadweight on the weed membrane.

Swept up all the wood chippings off the path where Basil and his mates have been digging looking for worms. I worked until 12:50 then made my way home for Sunday Lunch.

Germination day 13 out of 18-21 and no new onions to report so still at 41.7% Germination rate, mind you the ones that arrived first are really leggy, which I'm hoping is not a problem with onions?

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