Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bed 15B

Dropped the wife at her sisters at 10:00 so 3.25 hours working on bed 15b and the surrounding paths. I have managed to build up the paths with soil excavated for the trees and filled them with stones at the bottom edge by the kerb stones, and I have de-stoned, glass, string and other detritus from the other half of the bed which is now double dug.

I have emptied a number of flower buckets used last year for tomatoes plus 10 litres or coco peat and mixed it all up, still de-stoning during the mixing. It started to rain and I tided up and covered the bed with plastic once more. 

I topped up the leaf bins with more leafs from home and from the overspill bin made of bread basket bases.

Spread the incinerator ash on one of the trees 

Job List

1) Next visit a sack of well rotted stable manure is going to be dressed on the top fo bed 15b and then I will cover it with weed membrane and secondary glazing panels to warm the soil up ready for my peas.

2) Lay weed membrane on the paths and cover with wood chips that I have in sacks specifically for the paths as I have been proved correct and all the woodchip at the entrance has now gone.

3) Complete the 1.2x1.2m hoop frames

4) Grate smelly soap and dress the paths as anti- fox measures

5) Removed the plastic from the beds and dress with chicken pellets and replace with weed membrane which will not hold water and will wash the pellets into the soil

6) Cut Timbers for Bed 14 and paint ends

7) Install timber edging to bed 13 and bed 14

I think that's enough to keep me going for a while. 

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