Monday, 2 February 2015

Module Seedling Extraction Tool or jig

It's been way to wet and cold to warrant going to the allotment today. But I did brave the outside to give the corner blocks another coat of paint and I also cut some dowels and made a Module Seedling Extraction Tool or jig to assist in as the title intimates getting the seedlings out of the 20mm x 20mm x 30mm deep nursery module trays I intend to use this year.

Photos above is the jig primed for use and below the guide module in the closed position


1) Take one bed slat offcut from another project.
2) Put elastic band on drill the same dia as the dowel at half the thickness of the wood as a stop.
3) Mark the holes at the bottom of the seed modules along the wood.
4) Drill the holes as vertical as possible as I only have a hand drill.
5) Cut the dowels to a length that is half the depth of the module plus the depth of the holes in the base.
6) Wood glue the dowels in place.


1) Move the single strip of module up to the top of the dowels.
2) offer the tray on top of the strip of module on the jig.
3) lower the tray.
4) The seedling plugs are pushed out of the module from the bottom.

Well that's the theory, I will confirm it works once the onions are ready to be potted on.

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