Thursday, 12 February 2015

How Many Beans ?

Wednesday 11th February 2015
This morning during breakfast I've been looking at the photo of bed 15a which is my seed circle bed and I'm thinking of beans in and L along the back edge and the left edge looking at the photo or a [ shame front, back and left side as the sun goes down on the right, and then other stuff within the remainder of the plot. 

Update Onion Tray 1 - No new seedlings  Day 16 from a Germination Period of 18-21 days

           Onion Tray 2 -   3 new seedlings  Day   7 from a Germination Period of 18-24 days

10 from 18 – 55.56%  Germination - Globo the Giant Onion   (18-24 days) 
 4 from 12 –  33.33%  Germination - Santero F1                 
 8 from 12 –  66.66%  Germination - Bedfordshire Champion (18-24 days)
11 from 18 – 61.11%  Germination - Kamal F1
33 from 60 - 55% Average Germination rate

The reason I'm keeping track and updating daily the % success rates, is that I want to see which onions are the fastest and have the best germination rate, then I will monitor them during growing, storing and more importantly eating. Then eventually I fix on one white and one red to grow each year. 

Not wanting to use the carpet I inherited on the plot, I have placed another order for 50m x 1.5m of heavy Duty Woven Weed membrane to replace the grey dpm and for Next Winters bed covers. This time I will melt the edges rather than cut with scissors.

A visit to the 99p shop resulted in a pack of Duke of York and Vales Emerald six seed potatoes in each pack, so that's six flower buckets worth of additional first earlies for the greenhouse. Four Hanging baskets for tomatoes on the allotment, 2 Moss Basket liners and Two CoCo Liners so I can see which works the best, A 40mm x 140mm Masonry Brush for painting the shed and other timber i.e. the posts for the hanging Baskets, and two pruning Shears for chopping up the Comfrey and compost vegetation as the spring has gone on the ones I have in the allotment shed.

This evening I have been looking at the seed boxes and sorting out the beans from the seed circle, seed Parcel Round 3 and those that I acquired in the Wyevale 50p sale and the L or C on Bed 15a may have to become an E with more than one middle horizontal arm. I have the following beans to find room for on the allotment

   1. Aeron’s Purple Star Runner (10 Seeds)
   2. Blue Lake French bean (loads!)
   3. Cherokee Trail of Tears (12 Seeds)
   4. Curley Bean (11 Seeds)
   5. Minidor Yellow Dwarf French Beans (14 Seeds)
   6. Neal Climbing French bean (loads) height 8ft 2.4m <----On Wall Minty Frame
   7. Nuns Belly Button Dwarf Beans (5 Seeds) <---------Possibly in Containers or Flower Buckets
   8. Purple Teepee Dwarf Beans (12 Seeds)
   9. Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans <-------------------- Main crop at least one complete frame on the wall
  10. Sultana Climbing Bean (6)

I have not measured the actual length of Bed 15a its 1.2m wide but approximately 1.5m long so one 1.5m length and possibly 4 arms would allow 500mm to get into between for picking and it would allow for 5 different beans in one bed. So I will look at the heights these grow and decide a planting plan.

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