Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wednesday 2nd July - Dads Taxi Service

Dropped off the wife at 4:00 and went on to the allotment until I had to pick up my daughter at 6:00 - Yep Dads Taxi service.

Lots of people on the allotment and the water pressure was low so watering was a problem and slow - so I removed one of the 4 tier grow houses from the greenhouse and modified the staging at the back to provide an additional shelf. Then sorted out the debris and trays and had a good tidy.

I found another section of netting from last year and have managed to fix it to the staging up against the gable end of the greenhouse so now I have all the sun facing elements netted to prevent the scorching of my plants, and hopefully reduce the temperature at 5:00 it was 115 Fahrenheit which is about 46 Celsius so god knows was during 12:00 - 2:00.

3 Peppers that were getting to tall for the cold frame and now residing on in the allotment greenhouse. And a tray of baby beetroots have been transplanted into the ground on beds 1 and 3.

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