Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thursday 10th July 2014 - Vending Machine Cups

No Allotment visit today it was supposed to be dry but light rain on and off all day

I've been wanting to sow some more onions and beetroot. I use 7oz plastic vending machine type party cups to grow my seed in, I burn two holes in the bottom with a soldering iron, Then they stand in a 15 (3 x 5) module tray liner in a tray and that now sits in a gravel tray. Having left all the party cups at the allotment I popped down to TESCO to pick some up as I had run out. Last year they were 80 for a £1 in TESCO, then they reduced the quantity to 60 cups. In the 99p shop they were originally 100 for 99p and the quantity was reduced to 80 cups.

TESCO now want 75p for 25 cups  :(  that's 3p a cup are they sure  :nowink:

CO-OP are a £1 for 50 cups.

I tried ebay and amazon and can not believe how expensive these cups are becoming £2.60 plus for 100 cups. So I've dashed out and bought a job lot from the 99p shop at 80 cups for 99p. I'm not sure if it's because of this new legislation on charging for carrier bags and trying to be more eco friendly - but I'm sure we are going to see a reduction in quantity in the £1 and 99p shops once they run out of existing stock.

Holes melted in the bottoms 4 at a time 2 x drainage holes and I was off and this afternoon and this evening managed to sow 2 x trays (30 cups) with 16 - 18 spring onions / cup of White Lisbon Spring Onions and 4 Trays (60 cups) of Beetroot.

Trimmed up the dead lower leafs and fed & watered the tomatoes which are now all displaying fruit, the Beefsteak are looking impressive - I'm not quite sure why the toms appear to be darker at the top and lighter at the bottom? 

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