Sunday, 13 July 2014

Saturday 12th July - Peppers and Spring Onions

A swift visit to water the plants in the Greenhouse and Grow house as I have a tree to cut back in the back garden today.

Basil and his crew have dug up all round the plot but mainly the woodchip path as it all over the flag stone path again  >:( .

In the green house the Peppers are doing well and I can see little peppers forming. The spring onions are making headway, I have sown another two trays at home which are not showing yet.

The sweet corn are doing well - last visit I was worried because I could see the male tassels but not the female , but today there were about 3 - 4 corn showing both, so I gave the plant a little shake to help nature along.

OK I have 2 marrows and 2 courgette plants and I have no idea which is what as they were donated to me by my brother in law who didn't label them, so something is growing but I'm not quite sure what, or if to pick small at courgette size. 
Sprouts and Cabbages are growing well
The Comfrey is embarrassed by the naughty gnome and trying to cover him up 

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