Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tuesday 15th July 2014

Jen needed to be at her sisters earlier today so I was down on the allotment by about 9:30. Took the four 1.2m & 2 x 0.6m sheets of polycarbonate collected from my sisters last night with me.

It was so sunny when the clouds were not in the way that I dug bed 14 with a pick axe and fork when the sun was covered but retreated to behind the shed to clear up when there was no cloud cover. I managed to clear all the dross from the back, and trimmed up the ivy tree canopy that is now just lining up with the back wall of the shed.

The staging / 4 tier grow house frame has gone in the back and I'm using it for storage. It's nice to have some order and room in the storage area again. I do however have an awful lot of bags of dross to get rid off.

I watered the plot and the greenhouse and grow house contents and spied my first red tomato at the back which I don't understand I would have thought those in the direct sun light would have been first.

Discovered my first little cucumber forming - it made me fell so happy  :nowink: , I'm not quite sure how long these little prickly Marymount cucumbers are supposed to grow? The seeds were in a 99p shop variety pack which had very little information on the back of the pack.

I left the allotment about 1:40 - grabbed something to eat, picked up the wife and then carried on cutting the tree in the back garden back. I love being my own boss and giving myself time off when the weather is good.

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