Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday 25th July 2014

Up early and straight down to the allotment at 6am , after a swift breakfast to water as I did not get down yesterday. I took some fence panels that I had made into cold frame ends like those I've used on the shed extension and they will eventually get bolted to the wall to make another covered area for tomatoes, and hardening off plants next year.

The tomatoes in the grow house were looking a little thirsty and the leafs were sagging and droopy, but it was very sunny yesterday and about 27 C. As my plot was in shade this morning, I watered as much as I could and picked up all the Fox sh1t which was all over the place.

Basil and his mates have been digging up bed 2 as predicted because I put in Blood Fish and Bone  >:( I would really like to find a way of keeping them away, any suggestion welcome

I also took down two trays of beetroot to go into bed 2, but until I have built a portable 1.2 x1.2m hoop cage to keep off Basil and chums, they can stay in the greenhouse. Basil has also trod down my Onions  :mad:

I have limed bed 14 which is going to get the cauliflower, lets see if Basil and his mates like lime as much as BFB

Update - A visit to wilko at 5:00ish resulted in yet more seeds as they are now reduced by 75% plus I picked up a tall 4 tier blow a way for £2 and a short one for a £1 they are going to be used as staging in the cold frame extension to the shed

Also bought a selection of good quality stainless steel hand tools that will end up on hooks on the shed door as I can never find the ones I have and they are so cheap and nasty they break and bend as you use them.

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