Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday 16th July - Wilko Garden Sale

Another extended lunch break to water, far too hot for digging.

Trimmed back the beans that had got to the end of the poles

I have beans that will soon be ready to harvest. More red tomatoes on the way.

Dropped off Bill and Ben plus the weeds

Here is a photo of the cucumber which was difficult to spot in the one I took yesterday.
He is only the size of my finger at the moment but he is there  :) :) :)

The beetroots are coming up in bed 3 but so are the weeds!
I will let them a grow a little more before I extract the weeds.

This morning I created a list of my seeds and went to Wilko for a few more 1/2 price goodies on the way back from the allotment.

I am a seed-a-holic but at 50% which makes some cheaper than the Wyevale 50p sale it has to be done.

  Cabbage Greyhound (2 packs)
  Cabbage Golden Acre II
  Cauliflower All Year Round
  Beetroot Bolthardy (3 packs)
  Brussels Sprout Evesham special
  leek Musselburgh
  Seed labels 2 packs
  Small green house (blow a way)
  Double gravel Tray
  9 seed tray modules (15) 3 x 5

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