Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday 18th July 2014

Due to the heat wave a late afternoon / early evening visit to you guessed it. ......
Water the greenhouse and grow house contents and the toms out in the open.

I have to say they were looking a little sad, but there are more red tomatoes as a result of the sun at least 1/2 doz on the grow house and 4 out in the open. The peppers in the greenhouse appear to be liking the weather.

Some of the spring onions have looked as if they were on their last legs, so I harvested them. The roots rubbed off and the outer skins were a but naff, but after a wash and de skin they looked OK.

More beetroot ordered by Mrs Cadalot, I pulled a couple of carrots to see how they are doing - small still so I will leave them alone. I got too excited about runners being big enough to pick and then found there was not enough for a meal  :nowink:

Used part of the dog cage fixed with mini bulldog clips supplied by Kelly to fill in the door of the greenhouse to keep the foxes and cats out so that some airflow can keep it a little cooler in there tomorrow in the anticipated 32 degrees temperatures. it was just over 100 degrees F in there at 5:00 Christ knows how hot it was between 12:00 - 3:00.

In the night there was thunder and lighting and a good deal of rain, so it looks like I really did not need to spend quite as much time as I did watering the allotment - Ho Hum who knew  :nowink:

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