Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday 3rd July 2014 - fantastic water pressure when it’s only me on the allotment

Up early and on the allotment for 6:00 for an hour of watering both the brother in laws and my plots – fantastic water pressure when it’s only me on the allotment.  :D

The parks department have cut the grass again and managed once again to fill the hole for the bolt on the bottom of the gate so that they don’t shut, and thus the last person to leave had not locked the gates. So I used the long stainless steel weeder I bought in the TESCO garden sale to clear it on my way out so they would close and I could lock them up.

I also managed to get a few kerb stones in and dug two more holes for the 30 litre buckets I’m going to put the trees in. As the industrial rubbish bins for the office complex had been emptied, I also managed to dispose of the sack of non weed rubbish I had been collecting.

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