Tuesday 17 September 2013

17th September 2013 -

Last night dropped off the husks to the corn and other vegetable matter for composting including the two black sacks of grass that have been sitting in the back garden for a week. Harvested all the red toms on the allotment and watered those still green in the grow houses.

There are many more toadstools on the woodchip than there were over the weekend!   

Cold frame Temperature  -
                 inside High = 20.8 degrees C Yesterday
               Outside High = 12.0 degrees C Yesterday difference = 8.8 degrees C

Middle lid closed, side vents closed over night.

Last Nights inside Low   = 8.7 degrees C last night 
                Actual inside = 9.1 degrees C at 6:30 am 
             Actual Outside = 8.7 degrees C at 6:30 am difference = 0.4 degrees C

It seemed much colder last night when I walked the dog than It has been ..... looking at the weather forecast looks like 12 today rising to 15 - 16 by the weekend and possibly dry... Yipppeee

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