Friday 6 September 2013

Thursday 5th September 2013

Lunch time I went to pick up a roll of Chicken wire and a bag of sand from a guy off Freecycle and I had to drive past the Garden Centre again - The Seed Borg got me - Resistance was futile I really had no choice in the matter, I had to go and rummage - I came out with another 11 packs of seeds but not the ones I was looking for does that mean I will have to visit the local branch to see if they have them....... NOOOOOooooooooooo....

Got some Autumn /winter peas
More Little Gem for winter crowing
2 more packs of 5 Patio Salad Collection
More variations of over wintering Spring Onions

My name is Alan and I am a Seedaholic

Sowed some April Spring cabbage and put in the cold frame this evening when I got home, I know it should have been last month but hay.... we are running late this year and it was between 29 - 30.5 degrees at lunch time although we are being told the temperature is due to drop by ten degrees and Autumn is on its way this weekend, at 50p a pack of seeds am I worried if nothing happens

Kelly and Jen came with me to drop off said chicken wire to the allotment and Kelly delighted in playing with the hose - she called it "watering the plants" , Jen and I harvested more red tomatoes - last week 3 red toms this week loads of them

Again I have muddy dirty not sure if it has also walked in oil or something paw prints on the debris netting, it looks like a fox or big cad is climbing on my debris netting and sunning itself there. It's not the first time we have found these stains but this time you can make out the paw prints nails and all.

Forgot to take to two bags of grass cutting down - next visit.

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