Wednesday 4 September 2013

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Popped into the Gardening Club on my way to do an inspection as there was little traffic (kids still off school I guess) and I had made good time and was going to arrive too early and had a look at the 50p seed sale

I ended up buying 18 packets of seeds (one of which is a 5 seed multipack) with a value of £44.92 for a £1 plus an eight pound token sent from the gardening club - RESULT! added to the ever expanding collection includes:-

Thompson & Morgan - Little Gem COS for Winter growing
3 x Suttons - Salad Onion White Lisbon - Winter Hardy
Unwins - Gro-Sure Brussels Sprouts Crispus
Thompson & Morgan - Asparagus
Thompson & Morgan - Runner Beans - Polestar
Suttons - Runner Beans - Polestar
Suttons - Runner Beans - Scarlet Emperor
Suttons - Salad Collection including 
                  Cucumber Market More
                  Tomato - Gardeners Delight
                  Rocket (Herb)
                  Onion White Lisbon
                  Lettuce Little Gem
Suttons - Parsnip White Gem
Suttons - Salad Onion Shimonita
Suttons - Salad Onion Shimonita - Patio/ terrace gardening
Suttons - Salad Onion Ramrod
Suttons - Red Salad Onions Allium Cepa `Furio'
Suttons - Sweet Corn F1 Prelude
Kew Urban Garden Collection - Spring Onions - Purplette - Ideal for window box and containers
Kew Urban Garden Collection - Spring Onions - Pompeii - Ideal for containers

Lots of onions next year, we buy a lot and eat a lot of salads and I'm going to have a go at Over Wintering along with some winter growing lettuce. Not sure that the Suttons - Salad Onion Shimonita are the same animal in differently marketed packaging as one says its for Patio/ terrace gardening.

Captains Evening Log Supplemental

Jen bought Tomatoes from Tesco when we went shopping as we had two or three red ones at home and on the allotment, then suddenly more of less overnight ........ 

The peppers at home and out in the open on the allotment are growing, but I'm not sure they will ripen before the end of the month and before the frost, they may have to go in the green / grow house on the allotment once the toms are harvested to give them a chance.

I sorted out the cold frame and planted six pots with Winter Gem Lettuce, then I sorted out my seed boxes (yes I have so many seed I need two boxes
::) I will give it two to three weeks then plant another six pots of Winter Gem Lettuce.

I will be planting some April (Spring) Cabbage to overwinter and will transplant close together at 100mm (4inch)  to harvest between April and may as Spring Greens. so perhaps 10 in a row on a 1.2m wide bed and perhaps two rows say 20 plants?

I'm not sure if I should stagger the planting and transplanting to stop they all being ready at once or if mother nature will just let them all catch up with each other anyway? Answers on a postcard or on the comments thread please...

From the 50p seed sale, I'm also going to plant modules of Winter Hardy White Lisbon and Ramrod Salad Onions which according to the packs should be ready for Harvest in March - April.  We do buy and eat a lot of salad and spring onions. I can then start off some more in March and sow little and often at 2 - 3 week intervals between March and July for a continuous supply, 

I have ended up with far to many runner beans (3 packs of 50), but If the first batch get caught by frost next year like this year I will not be going out and buying another pack at £3.65 a pop,  and I may infill some of the perimeter small beds along the main access path with wigwams, as they appear to have to be used next year. I can always stock up at next years 50p sale 

One of the 3 grape vines (a white) has now just topped the masonry wall, the other white is only about 500mm high and the Red in the middle looks more or less the same size as when planted but has leaf on it!!

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