Saturday 14 September 2013

Saturday 14th September 2013 - A Quick Harvest in the Rain

Toadstools everywhere is what I've found on visiting the plot to harvest. I'm not sure why but they seem to be popping up all over the plot especially on the woodchip paths! I'm assuming I can pick and compost? Anyone know if this is a good idea or not?

We picked some sweetcorn for tea, nor wanting to pick and freeze until I have too.

We braved the light shower for a little while and took retreat in the shed for a little while longer and then when it ended we went back to the runner beans and have ended up harvesting  two large hessian sacks of runner beans.

There was signs of blight on some of the tomatoes that are outside, the ones under cover look OK at the moment, so we picked all that were red inside and out and came home with a very large container of tomatoes. The Plum Toms in the grow house are orange and not really red enough to pick yet, I will be keeping an eye and picking them as soon as possible. If I do end up with a greenhouse on the allotment, I will definitely be putting the toms under cover in the future.

Pulled some radish, leaving the ones that were too small or too large and woody looking laying on the path, they will make it into the compost heaps, next dry visit

It was far too wet to contemplate digging up potatoes, perhaps tomorrow or early next week if the rain stops.

Cold frame Temperature - Middle lid open by an inch, side vents open over night.

    Low 11.1 degrees C  last night       
    High 20.1 degrees C Yesterday
           14:5 degrees C at 3.00pm  Outside Temperature  12.5 degrees C

All 6 Ramrod Onion pots now showing signs of growth tails - 10 Days to total germination
Still No sign of any White Lisbon Onion action
2 Little Gem Lettuce seedlings visible
Cabbage Sown 5th September - fist signs of growth 12th - now 10 seedlings showing in the 1/2 tray

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