Tuesday 10 September 2013

Captains Log 10th September 2013

Up at 6:00 as usual but it's dark outside and has been for the last week, I hate it winter that is, by 7:45 in the evening it's getting dark by 8:00 it is dark. My time on the allotment is reducing and apart from work in the dark which is really not practical soon all I will have is the occasional lunch time visit and a Sunday morning if it's dry.

Checked the temperature in the cold frame in the back garden this morning and it's 9.2 - 9.5 degrees- I'm going to place one of my Max-Min Thermo Hygro meters in there to see what the extremes in temperature and relative humidity really are during the day and week and I'm thinking of lining the inside with bubble wrap and foil.

I bought an emergency foil blanket from the pound shop that is for use by hikers etc. and that will give me more reflective heat and light in the cold frame during the day and the bubble wrap will give me some heat retention during the night.

I must now get used to closing the side vents when I come home from work and opening in the morning when I examine my winter seedlings and lettuce and water.

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