Wednesday 11 September 2013

11th September 2013

An evening visit on the way back from taking Emma my eldest Daughter to go and look at the car she is buying following the RAC report. Watered the toms under cover and picked nice yellow flowers that on the weekend were Broccoli - So they bolted really quickly - managed to get one lot that were still eatable. I cut the Broccoli flowers and took them home for the wife - who has put them in a vase as they are pretty ::)

Got home and my neighbour Sid had left me a load of broken up pallet wood, bless him, so after my evening meal I delivered it to the allotment, just as the rain started and the old boy of the allotment was coming out on his way home. Ron and I had a natter on the slow walk back to the car (walking at Rons pace), although I offered to drop him home he was insistent on keeping his independence and refused my kind offer on the ground it "keeps his bits working, and he is only around the corner)

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