Saturday 28 September 2013

28th September 2013

Captains Log Supplemental

A very hectic week at work, no real time to get the allotment during lunch time and had to work from home Thursday due to having the cavity walls insulated - we were on the list twice for it to be done for free last year but the company could not organise a booze up in a brewery and it never happened, so just paid to have it done, it is supposed to pay for itself in 3 - 4 years.

I did get to the allotment Thursday night to water what's in the grow houses and Andys toms in his grow house..

Mr Fox once again spotted and again has dug up bed 3 which actually already has a carpet of mustard showing! Now that was quick only went in on Sunday.... I topped up the paths around bed 3 with woodchip and then scattered anti dog and cat crystals that I inherited from my Dads shed when I cleared the house earlier this year. I have absolutely no idea where he bought this stuff from but it will be interesting to see if it deters Mr Fox. I may be on a quest to find more if it works. 

Picked even more red toms and looking at the state of the plants and the weather I think all toms will be picked this weekend and some will be used to make green tomato chutney. with the slug action going on there is going to be a major harvest including the last bed of potatoes and cabbages, the end of the beetroot and the carrots. Then I can green manure the beds, whist there is still time for it to grow.

Just answered a couple of freecycle Offers for two sheets of polycarbonate and 450mm square grey paving slabs - picking up the polycarbonate Sunday afternoon and keeping fingers crossed and waiting to hear about the slabs - I do like freecycle.   

Supplemental notes to the Captains Log Supplemental     

Went and collected 18 grey 450x450mm paving slabs and delivered to the allotment ..... That's the patio area done then ;;)

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