Thursday 19 September 2013

Thursday 19th & Friday 20th September

Evening visit to water the toms in the plastic green /grow houses - came home with a harvest of red toms - some have split so left them on the deck around the comfrey.

Friday 20th September - Sowed another

6 plastic cups of Ramrod Spring Onions 
6 plastic cups of Shimonita Spring Onions
6 plastic cups of Thompson & Morgan Winter White Bunching Spring Onions
still only two little Gem Lettuce seedlings showing their leafs
Too few Cabbages germinating to sow as over wintering spring greens, may have to try another batch to get the 20 I need over the weekend.

Getting nagged by Emma that she wants be to grow 100&1000's again but this year the pack only had 8 seed in and only one survived. I wonder if there are seeds in the mini tomatoes? going to have to look now to see if I can get some for next year from this years crop. If not, I didn't see any 100&1000's in the Garden Centre sale, I may have to go and have another look at the Croydon Branch   ::)

Photos are from Wednesday - now fridge freezer delivered I used the packing to line and insulate the cold frame

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