Saturday 4 May 2013

Star Wars Day - May the 4th Be With You

It keeps raining on and off and it's too cold to go to the allotment for Jen so I've been sorting out my seeds and sowing .....

Plant Update

Runner Beans still going mad
Tomatoes All starting to show, 100s & 1000s best Money Makers and then Plum
More traffic light Sweet Peppers showing
Cabbage January King doing well
Spring Onions doing well in their modules not sure how big to let them get before planting out? then saw the post and photograph by DD

Sowing Today......

Potted up 12 x Sweetcorn lark F1 Hybrid in 3" pots
                  8 x Celery Tango F1 Hybrid in modules
                16 x Sweet Peppers F1 Mohawks in modules
                1/2 tray of lettuce surprise Mix 
                12 x Brussels Sprouts in modules
                12 x Cabbage Hispi F1
                12 x Cauliflower - Cheesy F1
                12 x Broccoli Autumn Calabrese 
Ok I bought some small storage boxes and 2.25" x 2.25" Seal bags from Hobby craft and printed out the labels to fit inside for all my seeds as it really bugs me that the packaging is all various shapes and sizes and it goes against my OCD tendency.

Sorted out the Cold Frame a little and cleared up No 2 Shed between the showers.

My daughter Kelly has sarcastically requested that I start measuring the height of my plants and blog that as well - give it time ;0)

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