Monday 6 May 2013

Sunday 5th May 2013

I went to the allotment with the electric drill to place some eye bolts for the two runner bean planting areas and had just and finished when Jen complete with coffee flask was dropped off by Emma.

It was really sunny and warm, Andy was already on site and popped over to borrow some scissors to cut his netting up.

Second frame followed, whilst Jen weeded Potato Bed1 - which took a lot out of her so I suggested she sat and rested whilst I had a coffee, and she ended up tidying up all the dross in the shed for me.

Keith and Pauline turned up with all their brassicas to plant - during one of Keiths coffee breaks noticed that Pauline was planting Brussels into weed membrane as she has already had enough of weeding the other beds.

Found a large Frog when clearing the nettle and bindweed along the wall, that's it now the wall is clear and I have Beds 5 & 6 to dig over tomorrow. Jen watered Beds 1 - 4 and the comfrey which is taking off quite nicely now

Came home and watered all the plants, and painted the three fence post for the boundary rope.

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